Monday, April 4, 2011

Alice Schertle’s “Sunquain”

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Setting the Stage: As you introduce the Schertle’s poem, “Sunquain,” invite the children to share their associations with the word “sun.” What comes to mind? Heat? Color? Shape? Summer?

Poetry Performance: Challenge the artists in the group to create a graphic novel-like page to accompany this poem with one image for each line of the poem. Then copy and project each image as the poem is read aloud in unison.

Just for Fun: Alice Schertle’s “Sunquain” poem title is a clever play on the word “cinquain” (and the poem is a cinquain poem). Look up the rules of the cinquain form and research other examples of the form. Work as a group to create an original sun-focused companion cinquain to Schertle’s.

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