Thursday, April 7, 2011

Douglas Florian’s “Dove”

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Setting the Stage: Remind the children of the previous discussion about crows and their habits and behaviors. Create a chart listing attributes of crows on the left side and add a second column to list the attributes of doves on the right. (Look these up together, if needed.) Discuss the similarities and differences.

Poetry Performance: Divide the big group into two parallel groups, one each to read one line of Douglas Florian’s poem, “Dove.” Then reverse the groups to read again.

Just for Fun: Florian’s poem is a “definition” poem-- in only two lines. Lead the kids in looking for other defining “______ is” poems. Or work together to reverse things and write a poem as a group about defining the crow. "A crow is… "

Poem Links: Here are key words that connect this poem with other poems in the PoetryTagTime collection:

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