Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jane Yolen’s “Glow”

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Setting the Stage: What things give off light? Invite the kids to brainstorm a list to kickstart this poem. They might consider: electric lights, stars, moon, planets, car headlights, glowing windows at night, candles, flashlights (all mentioned in Yolen’s poem).

Poetry Performance: Jane Yolen’s poem, “Glow” begins and ends with the same stanza, the perfect way for kids to open and close the poem. They can read the entire stanza in unison or divide it in half with two groups reading each half. The teacher or librarian then reads the rest of the poem out loud.

Just for Fun: If possible, share the poem in a dimly lit room with twinkling holiday lights on and/or clicking a penlight on and off each time a “light” word is read in the poem. If multiple penlights or flashlights are available, invite the kids to participate. (Practice first and provide reminders of safe use of lights.)

Poem Links: Here are key words that connect this poem with other poems in the PoetryTagTime collection:
Repeated lines

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