Friday, April 8, 2011

Helen Frost’s “Winter Window”

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Setting the Stage: If a window is nearby, invite the kids to join you in observing from the window for a few minutes. What do you see? What do they usually see out of their bedroom windows (if relevant)? How does the scene change depending on the seasons, weather, and other factors?

Poetry Performance: Read Helen Frost’s poem, “Winter Window” with multiple small groups by dividing the whole group into three smaller groups. The teacher or librarian begins by reading the first two lines which frame a question. Group 1 reads the rest of the first stanza. Group 2 reads the second “bird” stanza and Group 3 reads the third “animal” stanza. Group 1 finishes the poem by reading the final stanza aloud.

Just for Fun: Is there a window in your classroom or library? Use it as the backdrop for a poem display (or simply create a “faux” window with large, blue craft paper framed by strips of brown paper to create the effect of a window). Then add (spray) snow and cut outs of the birds mentioned in the poem: a blue jay, nuthatch, cardinal, starling, finch, and wren, as well as the poem’s other animals: squirrel, rabbit, chipmunk, skunk, and mouse.

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