Friday, April 22, 2011

Bobbi Katz’s “Things to Do If You Are a Snowman”

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Setting the Stage: Discuss the process of how to do a favorite activity (such as making a peanut butter sandwich) step by step, in sequence. Write the steps on strips of paper to move or arrange them in order, if necessary.

Poetry Performance: Bobbi Katz’s poem, “Things to Do If You Are a Snowman," is a "list" poem, perfect for individual line-around reading with 12 volunteers, if possible. Or if kids are more comfortable working with partners, that's a possible alternative (for 2 people per line, or 2 lines per pair for 6 pairs).

Just for Fun: Work together to write a “Things to Do…” poem based on the form that Katz invented over forty years ago. You can work as a group to create a "How to Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich" poem or encourage kids to work in small groups to create their own "things to do" poems. Challenge the kids to stick to her original rule to limit these poems to nine lines.

Poem Links: Here are key words that connect this poem with other poems in the PoetryTagTime collection:
Things to do

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